As a licensed counselor and nationally certified hypnotist, James T. White specializes in therapeutic hypnosis. In addition to therapeutic hypnosis, The Center For Mind Body Healing offers a unique combination of other services including traditional cognitive and behavioral counseling services and pure hypnosis for individuals and educational seminars for groups. All sessions are personalized to meet your individual or group needs. Individual sessions are designed to provide you with insight and tools that you can use to address your personal needs.

  • Hypnosis and Therapeutic Hypnosis
  • Group Education
  • Cognitive/Behavioral Counseling
  • Fearless/Pain Reduced Childbirth
  • Xpress Destress
  • Marital, Family and Relationship Therapy

  • Hypnosis and Therapeutic Hypnosis

    1. Hypnosis and Therapeutic Hypnosis

    James T. White blends his experience in counseling with the training and techniques of hypnosis to offer you the unique combination service called therapeutic hypnosis. Therapeutic Hypnosis is a unique tool used by Mr. White that goes beyond traditional therapy by accessing your unconscious. This hypnotic technique of engaging your unconscious will allow you to more quickly identify, understand and overcome your emotional and behavioral challenges. Therapeutic hypnosis goes beyond traditional therapy by working with unconscious mind - which stores a complete record of all your motivations, experiences and conditioned responses. Therapeutic Hypnosis combines the power of hypnosis with the scrutiny of counseling to build your self-esteem and help you to more effectively manage your life and achieve goals.

    Hypnosis involves a technique of deep relaxation in which you brush aside random thoughts and narrow your focus to allow the inner powers of your unconscious to create positive change and healing. Therapeutic hypnosis allows your mind, body and spirit to work together to reach underneath your conscious barriers to expose past pains and unconscious struggles. Therapeutic hypnosis illuminates inner strengths that you will be able to use to heal negative behaviors, feelings or thoughts and create positive change in your life.

    Although people have been engaging in hypnotic trances for thousands of years, the scientific concept of hypnotism was not awakened until the 1700's. Over the centuries, hypnosis has taken on many voodoo-like qualities, many of which have been disproved through modern psychiatry and scientific research. This improvement in the understanding of the practice has helped to dispel the many evil and unfounded myths about hypnosis. The table below illustrates some of the most common misconceptions and truths regarding hypnosis:

    Myth Reality

    Hypnotized people are under the spell and control of the hypnotist

    Hypnotism is evil and ominous

    Hypnotism invokes a sleep-like state where the subject is unaware of what they are doing

    Being in a state of hypnotism is weird and abnormal

    People in an hypnotic trance are not under a spell, they are relaxed and very able to exercise free will.

    Hypnotism can more closely be compared to meditation - a state of relaxation, cleansing and openness.

    When hypnotized, people are actually more attentive and more focused than they usually are. They are able to "tune-out" distractions such as noise, random thoughts and atmosphere in order to focus on a subject more acutely.

    In an average day, most people move in and out of a state of hypnotism approximately 2 hours a day. This can take place while performing a routine action (such as driving) or while daydreaming, watching television or reading a book.

    Although scientists and practitioners have begun to understand the general characteristics of hypnosis, the practice may never be completely comprehended because it deals with the human unconscious. The unconscious is a large reservoir of information including resources such as memories, experiences, powers, relationships and healing processes.

    It is believed that hypnotism bypasses the conscious mind to access the unconscious directly. Psychiatrists believe that hypnotic techniques (such as deep relaxation and focusing exercises) help to calm and subdue the conscious mind and allow the unconscious to surface. The hypnotist is then able to work directly with your unconscious to access thoughts and feelings that may otherwise be stuck or overpowered by the conscious mind.

    In reality, hypnotism does induce a trance-like, meditative state, which can most easily be compared to daydreaming or meditation. Unlike being asleep, the subject is extremely aware and able to focus on a specific subject, without the intrusion of random thoughts or external stimuli such as noise, atmosphere or images.

    James T. White's patients typically report experiencing success through therapeutic hypnosis after three to five one-hour sessions, however the length and effectiveness of the techniques will vary from one person to another. The CMBH offers the combined techniques of therapeutic hypnosis, traditional counseling or pure hypnosis, according to your request.

    Behavioral or Cognitive Counseling

    2. Behavioral or Cognitive Counseling

    The CMBH offers solution-focused counseling for your life's concerns, such as divorce, relationship problems, job loss, parenting challenges, behavior modification and other stressors of daily life. James T. White is a licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). He uses traditional counseling to help you recognize the importance and power of your physical, emotional and spiritual resources so that you can draw on them to find solutions to ongoing issues.

    Traditional cognitive counseling is a type of therapy that is used to treat mental struggles and disorders such as depression, anxieties, phobias and negative habits. Your counseling sessions will help you to understand how you think and feel and how you react or act based on your thoughts and feelings. You will be introduced to new and more flexible ways of thinking that will help you avoid destructive activities and patterns. Mr. White will work with you to identify and then recognize destructive patterns. With patience and understanding, you will learn to modify or replace negative behavior with more positive and helpful techniques so that you can better manage your life and work to achieve your goals.

    Traditional therapy includes several one-on-one counseling or discussion sessions. The length of the treatment will vary according to the existing challenges and patient goal. All sessions are confidential and take place in a private environment.

    Traditional therapy can be combined with therapeutic hypnosis for quicker and more effective results.


    3. Xpress Destress - Midday Power Relaxation

    To help busy professionals manage stress, improve their overall health and ultimately increase workplace productivity, The Center for Mind Body Healing offers Xpress Destress power relaxation packages. The package includes four 30-minute sessions weekdays from 12 – 2p.m., and effectively teaches techniques for reducing stress and achieving overall wellness.

    Hypnosis is one of the most powerful relaxation tools for reducing stress. During hypnosis, a person’s body relaxes while his or her awareness become more focused. Blood pressure and heart rates are decreased, making a person feel very at-ease physically.

    If you are too busy to take a midday nap, try reducing your own stress levels by enjoying personal, power-hypnosis sessions and learning self-hypnosis techniques (to be applied on your own). Sessions may be scheduled between 12-2pm on weekdays by calling (757) 461-4589.

    The rate for a single session is $55. The four 30-minute session package costs $199. Corporate and group rates may apply.


    4. Education

    The CMBH offers group education through lectures, presentations and seminars. These group education sessions can be customized to meet the specific needs of your group or occasion. Session topics include: stress reduction techniques, blending workplace personalities, understanding dreams, improving self-esteem, understanding spirituality, relationship development, the effects and techniques of hypnosis, dealing with difficult children, and moral-spiritual development for families and children.

    Educational lectures are an excellent way to teach and entertain groups such as;

    • Churches or social groups
    • Professional Associations, conventions or gatherings
    • Parents, family and teen groups
    • Medical Organizations and Association (specifically those that deal with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Diabetes and Cancer)

    Painless Childbirth Self-Hypnosis

    5. Reduced Pain Childbirth Self-Hypnosis

    Childbirth can be a powerful and positive experience when your mind and body work in harmony. The CMBH believes that when a woman has the proper preparations for childbirth, she can experience a serene natural birthing, free from the fear that causes tension and pain.

    Through therapeutic hypnosis and techniques of self-hypnosis, women can bring their minds and bodies together to invoke the natural birthing experience. Birth-partners will participate in sessions to learn how to provide effective support you so that you can experience a deep relaxation that will tremendously reduce your need for painkillers and other drugs that are commonly used during childbirth.

    The CMBH Reduced Pain Childbirth program includes five weekly sessions for you and your partner, five months prior to your due date. The sessions are supplemented with instruction and exercises for you and your partner to practice at home. The Center For Mind Body Healing will teach you how to use your mind body connection to create harmony within yourself.